Financial AID

An amount for bursaries is budgeted annually.

NC (V) & Report 191(NATED) students who are successful in their studies and have adhered to the prescribed College criteria can apply for a bursary. A means test is used to determine the amount that each student will receive. This bursary covers tuition, accommodation and/or transport as well as personal care.

The following criteria are considered for awarding bursaries: (Full-time students only)

  • Financial need: Written proof of parent’s income per month.
  • Achievements: A student must have passed a previous course at the College.
  • Attendance: at least 80% in all classes.
  • Merit
  • Previous / latest results

Link to apply is:


If a bursary is awarded, the amount will be credited to the student’s account.

A student who receives a bursary must complete his/her course. If the student fails to complete the course, the full amount of the bursary must be refunded except in the case of the death of the student.