Northern Cape Urban TVET College Alumni Association

All former students of RC Elliot - and Northern Cape Technical College, now merged as the Northern Cape Urban TVET College, who have obtained Certificates or Diplomas form part of the NCUTVET College Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association of the College has been initiated to:

  1. Provide a platform for Networking and nurturing partnerships amongst Alumni.
  2. Promote and Marketing the College as well as the importance of the TVET Sector within industries and communities.
  3. Develop and maintain relationships between past students and the College.
  4. Protect and maintain the rights of past students and the Alumni Exco.
  5. Maintain communication between the College and its stakeholders.
  6. Motivate current students.
  7. Improve the delivery standard of the College through participative information sharing.

The following functions and activities will be performed:

  1. Compilation of a database list of graduates to prospective companies and institutions for possible employment of its members.
  2. Establish linkages with local and international companies for placement and manpower, human resources provision.
  3. Spearheads promotion and featuring of its graduates through advertising and career convocations.
  4. Keeps a database and act as an award giving body for individual and group alumni achievers thereby encouraging others to excel in their chosen field of endeavour.
  5. Keeps directory of its former students for possible networks and involvement to various events and activities.
  6. Assists in the academic and personal development of the students.
  7. Supports students with extra and co-curricular activities in the endeavours concerning future career and employment.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Alumni Association!!