The TVET environment remains a challenging sector in which to be a role-player for the education of our youth.  It is also a very vibrant environment, which makes our significant contribution invaluable.  Learner numbers have increased from 5503 in 2015, to 6 827 in 2016.  The very significant increase in numbers is due to fact the 50 TVET colleges countrywide continue to be the centre of the skills development landscape of South Africa.

Funding for the College continues to be provided by the Department of Higher Education and Training, NSFAS, SETAs and funders of skills development projects.  The funding assists students who cannot afford to pay for their own studies; however, it does not meet the demand.

The student certification rate of students remains a challenge and efforts are continually measured against improving this statistic.  Wherever possible resources are being channelled and re-directed to address strategies that will improve the certification rate.

The College have also been very successful in placing 188 learners at employers for internships and workplace experience.  The College would like to thank employers in the region and staff who placed and trained these learners.

I want to thank the College Council for their guidance and support during the year.  I could always rely on their wise counsel.  The important role of the SRC in liaising with students must not be underestimated.

Finally but very importantly, I want to thank the staff who have committed their time and effort to being the catalyst for our youth to rise above their circumstances and take their rightful place in commerce, government or education in the development of our beautiful country.

We trust in God for guidance, which will lead to greater success in the future.

Dr CF Barnes