An amount for bursaries is budgeted annually.

NC (V) Level 2, 3, and 4 students who are successful in their studies and have adhered to the prescribed College criteria can apply for a bursary. This bursary does not cover the whole amount of the course and accommodation feed. A means test is used to determine the amount that each student will receive. Students are liable for the outstanding balances not covered by the bursary.

Applications for the bursaries are submitted to the Financial Aid Manager after consultation with the Departmental Heads.

The following criteria are considered for awarding bursaries: (Full-time students only)

  • Financial need: Written proof of parent’s income per month.
  • Achievements: A student must have passed a previous course at the College.
  • Attendance: at least 80% in all classes.
  • Merit

If a bursary is awarded, the amount will be credited to the student’s account. No bursary is paid out in cash.

A student who receives a bursary must complete his/her course. If the student fails to complete the course, the full amount of the bursary must be refunded except in the case of the death of the student.

10% discount is offered if class fees are paid in full.

10% discount is offered per subject passes with 80% or more.
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