REPORT 191 NATED - N1 - N3 (NSFAS qualifying students)
Cost per course including text books

Engineering Studies
R 1 593

REPORT 191 NATED - N4 - N6 (NSFAS qualifying students)
Cost per course including text books

Engineering Studies
R 1 858

Financial Management
R 2 360

Human Resource Management
R 2 360

Management Assistant
R 2 395

Marketing Management
R 2 360

Public Management
R 2 360

REPEATING STUDENTS (must pay in full (100%) on registration)

Level 2 – 4
R 430 Fundamental subject excluding text book
R 350 Core subject excluding text book

(Al students who do not qualify for  NSFAS bursary)
R 1 593  Trimester
R 2 360 Semester

NCV Year:
R 2 433 Civil engineering Construction
R 2 401 Electrical Construction
R 3 135 Engineering Related Design
R 1 736 Finance
R 2 379 Information Technology
R 1 553 Office Administration
R 1 959 Primary Health
R 1 591 Safety in Society
R 2 257 Tourism

R 4 194 Hostel Accommodation

NCV - NQF LEVEL 2, 3 and 4 (NSFAS qualifying students)
Cost per course including text books

Civil Engineering Construction
R 12 165

Electrical Construction
R 12 005

Engineering Related Design
R 15 677

R 8 680

Information Technology
R 11 893

Office Administration
R 7 765

Primary Health
R 9 797

Safety in Society
R 7 957

R 11 285


PART-TIME (self-supportive)

N1 - N3 Engineering Studies
R 7 965 per course including text books
R 1 910 per subject including text books

N4 – N6 Engineering studies
R 9 293 per course including text books
R 2 242 per subject including text books

N4 - N6 Business Studies
R 11 801 per course including text books
R   2 869 per subject including text book



1.1 To comply with the rules and regulations of the Northern Cape Urban TVET College.
1.2 To acquaint myself with all the rules and general regulations that relate to the course, for which I am applying.
1.3 To inform he College immediately, in writing if I change my address, my subjects, my banking details or if I discontinue my studies.


2.1 Liability (responsibility) for the prompt payment of all fees which may be charged by the College resulting from my/y child’s studies at the College. That even if I/my child discontinues(s) (stop) my/his/her studies I am still liable (responsible) for full payment of all fees.
2.2 That payment of all outstanding class fees is compulsory even if I/my child decide(s) to terminate my/his/her studies.
2.3 That in the event of the College instructing attorneys to take any steps against myself for the recovery of any amounts due to the College by myself, that I shall pay all costs as between Attorney and client, inclusive of collection fees.
2.4 The authority of the lecturer in class, managerial personnel and the College Council.
2.5 That, in the event of me/my child disregarding or breaking the above rules, I/my child make myself liable to suspension (may be suspended) from further classes.

3. ABSOLVE (I do not hold responsible …)

3.1 The College, its staff, employees, representatives and/or agents from any claims which, as a result of any injuries I/my child may suffer as a result of any happening, incident, accident, injury, illness or death, however it may have result, or as a result of my/my child’s participation in any tour/outing. visit/sport activity or use of transport which may take place during my/my child’s studies at the College.
3.2 The College and its insurers from any claims which may result from loss of any personal belongings such as books, bookcases, bicycles, cell phones etc.

I fully understand the contents of this declaration
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